Uplight Wins 2024 Environment + Energy Leader Award for Innovative EV Charger Program

By Kate Devitt on

Uplight has been recognized as a Software + Cloud winner in the Environment + Energy Leader Awards for its bundled EV charger installation program with Qmerit! This recognition underscores Uplight’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency through innovative solutions in the electric vehicle (EV) space. 

The primary objective of Uplight’s program was to streamline the process of purchasing EV chargers by providing point of purchase rebates and simple, high quality installation services through a network of exceptional electricians. As EV adoption surges, there are an increasing number of rebate programs offered at the federal, state, and utility level – however, navigating these rebates can be complex and confusing for customers. Uplight’s utility Marketplace addresses this by offering instant rebates on Level 2 chargers that can be bundled with make-ready and wiring incentives that can help cover the cost of panel upgrades that are required in many homes. Uplight can also pre-enroll the chargers onto utility managed charging programs, simplifying the journey for both customers and utilities. Energy + Efficiency judges say, “By offering a one-stop shop solution, Uplight could significantly lower the barrier to EV ownership and support the broader adoption of clean transportation technologies.” 

An innovative element of Uplight’s program lies in its seamless integration with utility Marketplaces and Qmerit’s installation services. Once a charger is purchased from an Uplight Marketplace, customers are guided to Qmerit’s portal for pre-installation surveys, quotes, and scheduling– ensuring a frictionless experience. Bianca Sloma, VP Utility Solutions at Qmerit, says, “We are thrilled to join Uplight in this recognition from E+E Leaders – it shows how creative and committed organizations can combine their strengths to unlock new forms of value for citizens and organizations alike. Our efforts are demonstrating that electrification solutions can make sense for consumers while reducing pollution and enhancing energy equity and resiliency.”

Since the program’s launch at SMUD, 98% of EV charger purchases leveraged rebates, leading to a 35x increase in overall purchases. To support under-resourced communities, income-qualified customers are eligible to receive a Level 2 charger at no cost and receive up to $2,500 toward the installation through SMUD’s make-ready incentives. 

Uplight’s bundled EV charger installation program represents an important step towards sustainable transportation and energy efficiency. By streamlining processes and prioritizing customer experience, Uplight is helping utilities navigate rising EV adoption and accelerate the clean energy transformation. Learn more about Uplight’s bundled EV install program and other top products in the energy efficiency space in the Environment + Energy 2024 winner’s ebook.

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