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Uplight’s 2nd Anniversary

By Abby Campbell on

Uplight Ping Pong

When Uplight was founded two years ago, our employees, leadership, and customers likely expected to encounter some challenges and growing pains. None of us could have predicted the types of challenges a global pandemic would present, the important conversations and lessons crucial social movements would spark, and the level of perspective we would all gain.

Two years in, Uplight takes on challenges and celebrates successes as #OneTeam (a team that has grown from around 250 team members to about 550 today!). Once a mish mosh of six different companies and cultures, Uplight’s culture now feels established as its own. Every one of us at Uplight has played an important role in contributing to our shared core values and developing an inclusive and mission based culture. We’re taking a look back at all we’ve accomplished and ahead to what the future holds in our mission towards helping energy providers on their decarbonization journey–creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

Here are a few of Uplight’s notable accomplishments:

  • Uplight managed enough electrical load to curtail the entire Knutson Power Plant in Boulder, CO in 2020.
  • Uplight enabled energy consumers to save money and energy by implementing approximately 250,000 smart thermostats in 2020 alone.
  • Uplight launched The Enlighten Task Force, The Enlighten Identity Series, and 6 Employee-Led Affinity Resource Groups to build a more inclusive company
  • At Uplight, 4 out of 9 executive leaders identify as female and 4 out of 9 executive leaders come from underrepresented populations.

Hear from a few of our employees:

The right team to transform the energy industry…

We’re at one of the inflection points that all young companies face when scaling to the next chapter. I believe we have the right people bringing the talent, the passion, and the industry expertise to get to the other side. And once we’re there, we should all hold on for the ride because we have a huge opportunity to help the utility and energy industry transform.

-Jenny Gai (Director, Innovation Solutions)


Introspection made way for a better culture…

All Uplighters, from C-suite leadership down to interns, put in real effort to build out the Uplight culture. This involved a lot of self-reflection and understanding how holding onto past ideals could be toxic for a growing and newly formed company. Approaching our issues head on makes me feel secure about working at a company like this. We are willing to look within and adapt ourselves if that means making a positive change.

-Leah Wills (Executive Assistant)


Coming together to understand Uplight’s vision for the future…

My most memorable experience was Uplight’s first annual company Upsite / off-site. This event really helped me understand the full potential of Uplight’s future, see the value in Uplight’s vision, and get to know some of my amazing new coworkers. Overall, I found the event inspirational, and it made me proud to work at Uplight.

-JJ Augenbraun (Director Implementation)


The future looks bright for a company that can adapt…

I’ve been inspired by the way Uplight has been willing to flex and change, from adjusting reporting roles to updating our Core Values to be more representative of the company as a whole. Our leadership models flexibility. That makes me excited to see what the future holds for us.

-Gary Aronhalt (Customer Success Manager)

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