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Meet every customer where they are with personalized offers delivered through a single digital experience.

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78% of utilities believe they are customer centric, but only 7% of customers see their utilities as customer centric.

What We Deliver

Plus delivers a bundle of personalized offers under the utility brand—enabling utilities to meet modern consumer expectations and simplify customer energy decisions.

New revenue
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Personalized bundled offers

Plus’ bundled offers enable customers to easily enroll in multiple programs or utility initiatives in a single, friction-free step—increasing program participation and customer satisfaction while reducing OpEx costs.

Energy providers can stack new and unique utility offers such as:

Renewable energy Charitable contributions Energy-savings programs New products and services ePay eMobility Subscription billing

Modular and flexible

Plus is built on a set of software development kits (SDKs) and APIs, so it can scale and flex with an energy provider’s evolving needs and program goals, and can be plugged into existing channels to better reach customers where they are.

It’s easy to test and iterate with Plus to optimize customer experience and engagement.

New revenue

New revenue streams

Avoid disintermediation with Plus and unlock new revenue streams from products and services such as eMobility, smart home services, product financing, and more––centralizing all offers in one place.

Pay & subscribe

Modern ways to pay and subscribe

Plus introduces subscription energy to customers, helping them better budget with more predictable bills and serving as a foundation for additional interactions and utility offers.

Customers also have multiple options to pay from credit cards to contactless payments, and can even split bills between a household.


Case Studies

AES Boosts Program Enrollment With Plus

AES Indiana used Plus to pilot a subscription energy bundle with budget billing, digital payments, and green energy enrollment.

Within the first three months of launching Plus with a pilot population of 2,000 residential customers, AES Indiana saw a 26% increase in autopay enrollment and a 67% increase in green energy program enrollment.

Pairing Thermostats with Subscription Billing

A Midwestern utility combined a subscription energy bundle with a 12-month fixed bill and smart thermostat optimization.

As a result, the utility increased enrollment in subscription energy by 3X compared to their prior program.

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