Wed April 17th, 2024 @ 10am MT

Combining the Best of Both Worlds: Superior Customer Experience + Flexible Capacity Management

Each year, our summers become hotter and the weather becomes more unpredictable with each year setting a record over the last. These events only increase the strain on the grid. Coupled with growing electrification and distributed energy adoption, this is either a recipe for disaster or an opportunity to create reliable load flexibility. Until recently, utilities had to piece together multiple solutions that delivered this flexibility at scale. In this webinar, learn how Uplight and AutoGrid provide one platform to aggregate everything from grid-scale batteries down to smart thermostats and EV chargers in people’s homes.


Learn how, together, Uplight and AutoGrid enable utilities to:

  • Enroll more residential and business customers in load flexibility programs
  • Expand the number of grid-connected devices
  • Broaden the scope of program options across more market segments and geographies

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