The Clean Energy Ecosystem

Building a network of partners to accelerate the clean energy ecosystem, even faster.

Learn How

The energy space is becoming more crowded and fragmented

Uplight enables utilities to more rapidly reach their objectives by connecting them with third-party energy products and services, while enhancing the customer experience.

Uplight’s View

The utility and the customer are critical to making the pieces work together

Uplight is enabling an energy ecosystem that leverages the strengths of each ecosystem player to drive greater clean energy outcomes. This includes utilities, grid edge products and services, and well-known customer brands — keeping utilities and their customers at the center.

Here’s How Uplight Accelerates the Clean Energy Ecosystem

Enable an Open and Neutral Operating System

Uplight’s platform provides utilities with a single point of integration for multiple grid edge products, services and channels, giving utilities more choices in how they pursue decarbonization, and customers access to more clean energy options.

Be a Champion for Utilities’ Clean Energy Efforts

With deep utility expertise, Uplight represents utility needs and objectives—ensuring that the power of utilities and the grid are at the center of the clean energy ecosystem.

Protect Customers and their Data

Uplight adheres to the highest levels of privacy, security, and confidentiality measures with double opt-in from both utilities and customers.

Ensure a Connected Ecosystem Benefits All

For an ecosystem to thrive, all parties must benefit. Uplight is focused on ensuring customers, utilities, and all ecosystem partners achieve their desired outcomes, faster.

Better Together

Uplight can connect utilities and energy players to create an ecosystem that leverages everyone’s strengths to drive decarbonization and desired outcomes for utilities, partners, and customers alike.

Uplight makes the customer experience seamless for both utilities and their customers through innovative bundled offers.

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