Multichannel Next Best Action

Make energy-specific recommendations across programs, channels, and offers—creating a consistent customer experience.

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You only have 8 to 12 minutes with your customers per year... you need every second to count. (Accenture, 2016)

What We Deliver

Deliver the personalized, consistent customer experience that customers have come to expect.

Reduce Costs
Achieve Goals

Improve customer satisfaction

Move from energy provider to trusted energy advisor by delivering the right offer to the right customer through the right channel at the right time. Uplight’s Personalization solution resulted in a:

15% improvement in trust scores at National Grid 92% customer satisfaction rating for Non-residential customers at an Eastern investor owned utility
Reduce Costs

Reduce cost to serve

Decrease call center costs and increase arrears collections by getting to know your customer’s wants and needs—providing the most relevant recommendations.

Achieve Goals

Achieve your program goals

Increase program enrollments, savings, and earnings by understanding what motivates each customer to take action.


Any system, any channel

Connect the customer experience across all systems and channels, including Uplight applications, contact center, CRM, email campaigns, web, mobile, and more.

Not another big IT project

Uplight’s personalization solution can be implemented in a matter of months, so you can see results right away.

Case Study

Northeast Utility Better Serves LMI Customers with Personalization

A Northeastern utility achieved an average of 53% increase in LMI program enrollment through the call center with Uplight’s Multichannel Next Best Action.

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