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The One-Stop Shop Marketplace at Avangrid

Explore the comprehensive approach to improving customer satisfaction and energy efficiency.

Customer Engagement
PSE&G Personalizes the Behavioral Customer Experience with Advanced Segmentation

Provide actionable information to help your customers save energy and money via Uplight's advanced segmentation.

Energy Efficiency
Streamlining EV Charger & Make Ready Incentives with Bundled Installation

Streamline the EV customer experience with Uplight & Qmerit’s bundled install.

Electric Vehicles
Boosting Business Customer Engagement with Outbound Communications

Uncover actionable insights for effectively engaging small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Customers
Consumers Energy Helps Customers Weather Winter with Offer Center

Learn how Consumers Energy is enabling income-qualified customers to save an average 10-15% on their bills.

LMI Customers
Evergy Helps Income Eligible Customers Save Today and in the Future with Offer Center

Evergy discovers a new way to serve income-eligible customers.

Energy Efficiency
Customer Engagement
LMI Customers
Activating Orange and Rockland Customers Via a Marketplace Hub

See how Orange and Rockland Utilities increased program conversion.

Electric Vehicles
Balancing Customer Comfort with Load Shift: Rate-Optimized Thermostat Control at Alabama Power

Ensure your DR programs solve for both load shift and customer comfort.

Demand Management
Achieving High Customer Satisfaction with Marketplace with Jackson EMC

See how Jackson EMC is providing first-class service while instantly applying rebates.

Customer Engagement
Earth Day: The “Black Friday of Spring” for Utility Marketplaces

More savings for more customers.

B Corp / Sustainability

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