IDC Marketscape Honors Uplight’s Achievement, Wrapping Up 2023

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While renewable energy supply is a part of the decarbonization equation, the volatility of renewable supply means we must also think about better managing energy demand. For utilities to meet their ambitious decarbonization goals, they need to bring energy customers along for the ride by helping them radically rethink how they use energy. 

Uplight has emerged as a trailblazer in customer engagement and commitment to sustainability, earning multiple distinctions in 2023 with the most recent on the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Customer Engagement Solutions for Utilities.

“The 2022 energy crisis jolted customer apathy globally. Customers are now more aware, educated, and eager to play more active roles by optimizing their energy consumption and water usage, as well as making a buck on their investments in self-generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and so on,” said Gaia Gallotti, associate research director, IDC Energy Insights.

Gallotti continues,”Having a digital customer engagement solution is now a core differentiator between utilities that have specific functionalities and those that do not, and the wedge will widen over the next 24 months as investments in dedicated solutions and more advanced ecosystem engagement functionalities pick up.”

Uplight was included in Guggenheim Partners’ Efficient Frontier List, underscoring the company’s contribution to reducing carbon emissions by addressing the challenge of enlisting customers in the clean energy journey. Joseph Osha, Managing Director Equity Research at Guggenheim Partners, said “Uplight addresses one of the biggest challenges we see on the path to reducing carbon emissions, and that challenge is engaging individuals and changing behavior.”

Additionally, Uplight was named a leader in Guidehouse’s first-ever Leaderboard for Customer Engagement and Experience Analytics, facilitating “improved enrollment, participation, and engagement in customer-centric utility programs, or that logically contribute to an enriched CX.” This distinction speaks to Uplight’s technological sophistication, holistic product portfolio, and significant customer reach, all contributing to an enriched customer experience.

Uplight’s commitment to sustainability has also been recognized with the 2023 Business Intelligence Sustainability Award. This accolade, judged by industry practitioners from leading companies like Accenture, Facebook, Frontify, and Google, emphasizes Uplight’s integral role in advancing corporate sustainability both internally and in collaboration with utility clients.

While Uplight is excited about the accolades we’ve received in 2023, the Uplight team has even more ambitious goals than ever in 2024 to connect people, products, and services to the energy grid and each other–accelerating decarbonization, reducing costs, and positively impacting communities. 

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