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At Uplight, we are committed to sustainability and accelerating the clean energy ecosystem in our work. But our employees have some impressive personal sustainability commitments, proving that every action — no matter how big or small — contributes to us all having an impact! Here are a few examples of how employees at Uplight live sustainably at work and at home. 

Emily Beliveau, Senior Manager, Program Effectiveness

“I try to think about the ways I can have an impact — both at home, in my community, and more broadly. I do this because I am committed to changing this climate crisis not only in my house, but globally. The climate crisis needs to be fought at every angle — from behavior change to policy change. 

In my home, we have solar panels and I am committed to turning down the thermostats to the Department of Energy recommended settings. We also consider environmental concerns when making any purchases. Uplight has trained me to always look for a rebate on energy-efficient products, and I opt for rebated products even if it has a more expensive upfront cost. 

My first job at Uplight was to write tips and tricks on Home Energy Reports to reduce energy. We follow some of the smaller tips like shutting the curtains during winter nights or running the laundry on a cold setting. I know small actions add up to make an impact, both on our carbon footprint and on our bill. 

In our communities, we try to support local sustainable organizations and vote for pro-environment candidates. I also try to talk about the work of Uplight and what I have learned being in the industry to help friends make informed energy decisions.”

Ray Boutotte, Principal Software Engineer

“I’ve upgraded my house to be all smart home. I have an energy monitoring system I designed 10 years ago. The system is programmed to alert me when I have a water leak, to display trash reminders, automatically open and close the chicken coop door, and turn off lights or AC when not in use or been left on too long. I know exactly how much electricity I am using, how much solar energy I am generating, and exactly how much hot or cold water I’m consuming. I also manage a home garden and mini orchard. We freeze much of what we harvest, and have chickens for eggs. In my home, we focus a lot on ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost.'”

Lexy Troup, Customer Success Associate

“A few specific commitments I’ve set for 2020 are to ride my bike to work at least three days a week and to reduce my clothing shopping habits. That goal entails limiting myself to only buying what is needed at B-Corp companies (Yay Athleta!) or other sustainable and eco-friendly companies.”

Elaine Reddy, Director of Communications

“After the birth of my first child, I became far more passionate about making more sustainable choices. The biggest changes we made were purchasing solar panels and a battery for our home, and purchasing an electric vehicle. If that’s not viable for fellow Coloradans, Xcel Energy has a strong selection of renewable energy options. Smaller changes we made include switching all lightbulbs to LEDs, installing a Rachio for our lawn, giving up beef, buying used when possible, offsetting carbon emissions, and eliminating single use when possible. In the future, our next plan of attack is to switch our gas appliances to all electric, starting with switching to an induction stove.”

Sally Lambert, Regional Director, Customer Success

“I always turn the heat down to 50° when I travel for work (though the house plants don’t like it!)

I store extra water jugs in the fridge to increase the thermal mass, and thus reduce the amount of energy used to keep the fridge cool after opening and closing the door. I reuse bags from other purchases as trash bags, rather than buying plastic trash bags. For example, cereal boxes and chip bags make great trash receptacles.

Another great tip is to catch the cold water when you first turn on the shower in a watering can and reuse it to water the plants. And, of course, the basics: turn off the lights, optimize your thermostat, use cold water for laundry, and air dry whenever possible. Lastly, compost, compost, compost – utilize your city compost, composting worms, or a backyard compost bin.”

Tessie Mernick, Customer Success Manager

“I have a very strict no straw policy! I have reusable metal and silicone straws that I bring around with me. If I happen to accidentally use a straw, I bring it home and incorporate it into a piece of art. I currently have quite the collection of straws at home and I am waiting to create some sort of masterpiece with them. Using them in artwork is a better way to dispose of them than throwing them in the trash — saving the world one turtle at a time.”

Jess Appelbaum, Associate Software Engineer

“I don’t use any disposable or to-go food containers or cups. At first, I tried just bringing a Klean Kanteen mug everywhere I went and then I started carrying a standard glass mason jar around with me. In the event of not finishing a meal, or if my Klean Kanteen is dirty, the mason jar is just as easy to have around. Now, anytime I go to a coffee shop with a friend or co-worker, I encourage them to bring a reusable mug. I also find myself frequently refusing offers for disposable things, like napkins and plastic cups on an airplane.”

Adrian Tuck, CEO

“As the CEO of Uplight, a company whose mission is to create a more sustainable future, I feel it is imperative that I lead by example. My family and I have taken many steps in our personal lives to reduce our carbon footprint. Some household changes we’ve made include installing solar panels on our home, replacing our car with an EV, running OE, and using LED lights. We also make an effort to greatly reduce our meat consumption.”

Changing our lifestyles will inspire change for others in the world. By making decisions with sustainability in mind, we can all inspire others that cross our paths to do the same — whether it be small or large, everything adds up to a meaningful impact.

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