Uplight Values in Action: Boulder Commons

By Crystal Leaver on

Boulder Commons Team

Uplight’s core values shape who we are as a company and how we interact with each other, our customers, and our partners. Our core values are: Do the Right Thing, Impactful Progress, Grow, and One Team.

Each month we highlight a story about how an Uplight team member(s) has shown us what it means to live one of our values. It’s also a great way to learn more about how we work together at Uplight. Here Naomi Wood talks about how our gorgeous new Boulder office came together and how the project embodied Uplight values. 

Who were the Team Members involved and what do they work on? 

Design Team: Tom Marquis, Naomi Wood, Jaylene Kunze & Andy Wing

Hands on the ground: Andy Wing, Chris Frieberg, Naomi Wood & Izzy Martinez

What was the project or the problem you were trying to solve? 

Our lease expired at our previous office and we had to find a new home. We took this as an opportunity to envision and create a truly unique and comfortable work environment. We searched for a building we could have involvement with from the ground up and specifically a building designed with sustainability at the forefront.

What value(s) did these team members demonstrate? What was the impact on the team and/or customer? 

One Team, Grow, and Do the Right Thing are the three biggest values that we were demonstrating during this project. 

Working together as One Team was our main focus. We came together with many different voices and perceptions, our intent was always to use our collective vision to create a space for everyone to enjoy. This project took over a year to complete and we worked tirelessly together to make it a space we would all want to gather in. 

Grow was on our mind as we designed and created this new space. Uplight is growing in so many ways and this value resonated with us as we thought about the future. We wanted this new office to grow with us. 

Do the Right Thing was also top of mind as we supported a women-owned general contractor and are excited about an energy efficient building that has solar panels  and EV charging stations. By focusing on our B-Corp values we also grew our commitment to use sustainable products in this building to help drive our mission to work in a more sustainable environment.

Outside at Boulder Commons

People at Uplight

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